Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Swirl Nail Stencils over Glam Polish

Hey there!  Well, Alberta has a new governing party for the first time in over four decades.  That's pretty exciting!  I was definitely out way too late celebrating so I apologize if any of today's post is a bit incoherent.  Today I'm sharing what I did with some swirl nail stencils that I recently purchased from Vinyl Boutique.  This was my first time using a swirl vinyl and they're so much fun!

For the base of these I used a bunch of sparkly Glam Polish colors.  I randomly painted on bits of POW! (pink), CRASH! (dark blue), Below Zero (turquoise), Arctic Freeze (green) and Whirlwind (purple).

Once that was dry, I applied the swirl stencils and put on a coat of A England Camelot (the best one-coater black I've come across) and then HK Girl to smooth it out.  The large swirl on my ring finger was a bit more finicky so the lines are a bit wiggly but the small swirls were a blast to use.  

I wore these until my peel off base coat made them pop off.  I can't wait to try these swirl vinyls again soon.  I've seen some awesome manis with swirls over watermarbles that look really cool. 

'Til next time...

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