Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Stamping - Over A Blue Base

Hey there!  I know it's pretty late at night for a Sunday stamping post but I have two hours left in Sunday so why waste the mani I did this week.  This week's theme was a pretty simple one - over a blue base.  And I did some simple stamping to go along with it. 

I wanted to use a blue glitter as the base.  I picked Femme Fatale Coldwraith.  But knowing that these glitter/jelly polishes can take quite a few coats to build to opacity, I used 2 coats over a coat A England Queen of Scots.

For the stamping I used Born Pretty Store's BP-L003 and Maybelline Bold Gold.  Finished with HK Girl, of course.

You know I have to take a macro shot of glitters.  How pretty!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.  I have a long, long work day tomorrow but hopefully I can post tomorrow night.  Or maybe even schedule a post if I can get the pics edited tonight!

'Til next time...

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