Monday, January 5, 2015

Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish Review

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Hey there!  Back to work this week....blah!  But to combat my back-to-work blues I thought I'd share an awesome new stamping polish brand that comes from Australia...and we all know how great the polish coming out of Australia is!  My friend Michelle (who you might know from Break Rules, Not Nails) shares my love of stamping and has started making her own brand of stamping polish called Hit The Bottle Polish.  She was sweet enough to send me 11 of her colors to test out and I couldn't resist sharing them with you guys.

To start with, these polishes come in a 4 mL bottle and are currently selling for $3.50 US.  These are all handmade, 3-free polishes that are especially made for stamping.  They're all very opaque  (with one exception that I'll mention later).  This means that they're packed full of pigment which can make them dry fairly quickly.  Those of you who are used to working with Mundo de Unas stampers (like me) might have to work a bit faster than you're used to but by no means do you have to work at super human speeds.  All of the polishes I received have a metallic finish that stamps great over black so I'm showing all of these over a coat of Sally Hansen Black to Black.  Each mani is finished with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  Swatching these also allowed me to play with the new Pueen Leisure Buffet plates that I got for Christmas so all the stamping images come from that set of plates.

Blue-tiful - "An electric blue coloured polish with a shimmer finish."  Images from Pueen 96.

Copper-Haired Girl - "A deep copper coloured polish with a shimmer finish."  Image from Pueen 78.

Everyday I'm Truffling - "A chocolate truffle coloured polish with a shimmer almost metallic finish."  Image from Pueen 81.  This one looks messy but that was my fault.  This was the last one I tried and I think I had maxed out on my stamping abilities.

The Green Fairy - "An emerald green polish with a lighter grass green shimmer to it." Image from Pueen 91.

Hello Buttercup -  "A shimmering bright yellow buttercup coloured polish."  Image from Pueen 85.

I'm Pinking of Blue - "A pink polish with a blue sheen to it."  Image from Pueen 97.  I think this one is so cool.  Over white it looks pink, like in the bottle, but over black it has a blue/pink duo effect.  So pretty!

Moonshine - "A white polish with a shimmery pearl finish."  Image from Pueen 76.  I love the pearl-y finish of this one.  This one did dry really quick so I found it to be the most difficult to work with.  

Paint The Town Violet - "A bright violet coloured polish with a shimmer finish."  Image from Pueen 75.  

Peach Blow - "An orange polish with a pink to purple sheen to it at certain angles."  Image from Pueen 92.  This is another mysterious color.  Looks peach in the bottle but purple over a dark color.  I mentioned at the beginning that one of the polishes wasn't super opaque and it was this one.  While it does stamp well, I did find it to have the thinnest formula but that was possibly because  this one had separated a bit and I didn't mix the bottle well enough.

Rusty Nail - "A rusty red coloured polish with a shimmer almost metallic finish."  Image from Pueen 80.

To Have and To Gold - "Not your typical gold polish, but more of a Mayan gold."  Image from Pueen 79.

Currently Hit The Bottle polishes are available in Australia but I know Michelle is working really hard on international shipping so I'm sure that will be up and running soon.  You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram to get updates.  And don't forget to check out the rest of her colors here.
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