Monday, January 26, 2015

F.U.N. Lacquer Burnin' Up (H) Stamped

Hey there!  I have a quick post to show you how I wore one of the newer F.U.N. Lacquer polishes recently.  I was going to show you another pastel mani but figured you might need a break from all my spring colors even though it's still the dead of winter (though it's feeling very spring-like where I am...which is pretty concerning to me).  Anyways, I really only discovered F.U.N. Lacquer a few months ago and now I want all the polishes!  This is the holo version of Burnin' Up with stamping from a Cici & Sisi plate.   

Like I said, I only recently purchased my first polishes from F.U.N. Lacquer and so far I haven't been disappointed.  I LOVE their holographic glitters so I thought I'd try one of the holo versions of one of their multichromes.  I don't usually buy the holo versions because I like multichromes on their own but the photos I saw of theirs told me the holo versions might be worth seeing for myself.  This is two coats of Burnin' Up (H) on its own (no black base).  This one is a red/brown/gold shifter plus the obvious holo sparkle.  I love how I didn't even get any brush strokes like I usually do using multichromes.  

I picked a gold stamping polish (Maybelline Bold Gold, just like yesterday) because I thought it would compliment Burnin' Up nicely.  The stamping image is from Cici & Sisi 11.  I wanted an image with lots of open areas so Burnin' Up could still show off and this image fit the bill!    

That's all for this fine Monday!  Thanks for reading!

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