Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A England Camelot

Hey there!  Today I'm sharing two manicures I've done using A England Camelot.  I love black nail polish and I love A England's formula so I find myself reaching for Camelot a lot.  

This first one is from October so I apologize that my pictures look quite different, particularly my skin tone.  I'm always messing with my camera settings trying to get decent light/white balance.  I still haven't found the perfect settings but I'm working on it.  I think my skin is closer to it's real color in the newer pictures.

This was two coats of Camelot.  The details are simple white water decals from the Born Pretty Store.  I believe they were these ones.  

The newer look I did used just one (yes, one!) coat of Camelot.  I was going for a '20's Great Gatsby-ish look so I stamped using MoYou London's Time Traveller Back to the 20's 01 plate and Maybelline Bold Gold.  

Yesterday Meghan from Will Paint Nails For Food added this post to her Beginner's Blogger Bootcamp telling people they could sign up to get feedback from others on their blog.  Thank you to those that have left comments for me.  The feedback I've received so far suggest I should crop my pictures closer and post larger pictures.  I've tried to crop these a bit closer than usual though I do like leaving some background.  I can't seem to post them larger because in Blogger we have the option of small, medium, large and extra large.  I always choose large.  I tried extra-large but then the pictures exceed my setup's boundaries.  I'll have to look into that.   The size difference between large and extra-large is INSANE!  Does anyone know is changing the blog design to be a bit wider messes with old posts?  

Another suggestion was to avoid the page break (i.e. the "Read More") feature.  So I'm wondering if people are reading my posts all the way to the bottom.  I'd love to hear if you made it this far :-)

'Til next time...

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