Friday, 27 December 2013

Icy Textured Gradient

Hey there!  First, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas (or your holiday of choice) and made some wonderful new memories.  Second, I have to apologize for disappearing for the last few days.  I honestly thought I'd have time to write a post or two but I went to my parents' house and their internet is practically circa 1994.  I grew up outside of the city and it's still really hard to get decent internet service installed out there short of cutting down all the trees on the acreage...and that would be A LOT of trees.  It's a shame because I really wanted to show my Christmas nails.  They weren't overly Christmas-y so maybe I can still share them.

Anyways, since I'm now back to the land of proper internet (and my nail polish stash), here's a winter-y textured gradient I did recently.  The first textured gradient I've done.

I started with 2 coats of OPI Solitaire, which might just be my favorite textured polish ever.

Then I did a gradient with OPI's Kiss Me At Midnight from the 2013 Holiday collection.  It's a blue textured polish that appears a lot more textured than Solitaire due to the inclusion of larger silver glitters.

Overall, I think these two polishes pair up nicely to look icy and cold.  But I hope wherever you are isn't too icy, particularly anyone reading this from Ontario.  I just read that there's still regions that are dealing with the aftermath of the ice storm there.  My fingers are crossed that that clears up really soon for my fellow Canadians.  

'Til next time...

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