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Powder Perfect Egyptology III Collection

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I hope all my American neighbors had a great Thanksgiving (and that everyone else had a great regular day).  Right in time for a little Black Friday shopping, I have a huge collection from Powder Perfect to share that is all currently available at Color4Nails.  Color4Nails is having a 30% off sale this weekend so it's a good time to pick up some new shades!

Powder Perfect is a 5-free , handmade indie brand that recently came out with the Egyptology III Collection.  This collection is based ancient Egypt and all its gods, goddesses and customs.  As someone who finds older civilizations fascinating, reading her descriptions of these polishes was both entertaining AND educational.  This collections is composed of holo polishes with microglitters and/or microflakies and a coloured base.  Across the board, they all applied easily.  Hopefully you can stick by to read all about these.

"For some time in Egypt’s history, pharaohs were considered gods in their own right. This lavish glittering silver polish has a green reflect, with metallic copper and gold glitters representing pharaoh’s and all their riches."

I felt like I could see silver holo microglitter and gold microflakies/glitter.  I used 3 coats since this silver is pretty light and topped with HK Girl.

"Hathor is a juicy hot pink lacquer designed to represent the very feminine goddess. Hathor has small sparkling microglitters and coral flakies within a holographic base" 

This polish is a bright pink holo microglitter.  No flakies in this one that I could see.  My photos look more berry than it is since it's more of fuchsia pink.  Two coats plus HK Girl.

"Heka means magic in ancient Egyptian and also refers to the god of magic. Heka is a deep purple holo-twist with purple & ultra holo glitters."

This one is a purple holo with microglitter.  I did notice that top coat makes it slightly less purple but it's the only one this collection that seemed affected in this way.  It was also a wee bit grittier than the others so I doubled up on top coat here.

"Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris was often drawn as a falcon, or with the head of a falcon placed on a man’s body. Horus is a dark maroon varnish with flickering red glitters and holographic particles."

A maroon holo base with prominent red microglitter.  I think the microglitter being a different color gives is a cool, slightly speckly look.  This is two coats plus two coats of top coat.   

"Mother Goddess is named after the goddess Isis, whose parents where the sky and the earth. This pale blue polish was inspired by tears Isis cried for her murdered husband, Osiris. In antiquity, these tears were believed to be the cause of the Nile flooding every year."

One of the few gods up to this point in the post that I've actually heard of.  This blue is a great representation of the child of sky and earth.  It's a lovely turquoise with a good formula and no grittiness.  This is two coats the HK Girl.  

"Osiris was the god of the afterlife, often portrayed as being mummified, with green skin. Inspired by the eerie green colour of his skin, our holo-twist polish is emerald green with microglitters in various shades."

Well that's a gross description making me imagine green-toned mummies. However the polish is gorgeous. It's a kelly green shade with a slightly thinner formula than the others. I used one thin coat and then went thicker for the second coat before finishing with HK Girl.

"Ra was inspired by the Ancient Egyptian sun god and is a silver based holo-twist lacquer with a golden hue."

This champagne-toned polish ended up being my favourite of the collection. It has a great formula but did require three coats to completely cover. The overall look has a bit of a beige/grey that reminded me of sparkly sand.

"Saqqara is a large necropolis in ancient Egypt which is home to the famous Djoser pyramid, build in the step style. Archaeologists have extensively debated over the meaning behind the architectural styles of the different pyramids. Saqqara is a sunset orange polish filled with gold & silver ultra-holo glitters in a holographic base."

I certainly didn't know what Saqqara was before now.  See, told you these descriptions were educational.  This color was the biggest pain in the butt to photograph.  It's a pinkish-orange (now reading the description that calls it a sunset orange, that totally makes sense).  But it either photographed too red or too orange.  I think these are pretty color accurate now.  I used two coats plus HK Girl (and did make special note that this one wasn't very gritty). 

"Scarab beetles were revered in ancient Egypt and were often worn as amulets or placed in tombs; engraved with verses from the Book of the Dead. Scarab is a darkened teal polish with shades of blue glitter & a holographic sparkle."

Scarab is a much darker teal than Mother Goddess is.  It's a teal holo with blue glitter.  Check out the macro photo to really see the glitter.  This is two easy coats plus HK Girl.  

"“Weighing the Heart” refers to the ancient Egyptians’ belief that one’s heart was weighed against the feather of truth in order to gain entry to the afterlife. Weighing the Heart is a pale pink holo-twist with orange flecks and metallic holographic glitters."

Well that description could've been worse. I was picturing them literally weighing a heart (do remember these are the people who pulled brains out through the nostrils). This one has a holo base and microglitter and took two coats. It has a silvery look to it that makes it look really ethereal.

My favourite in the collection is Ra but I'm also pretty smitten with Mother Goddess.  I'm a sucker for sparkly turquoises.  Don't forget Color4Nails has a 30% off sale from now until 11:59 pm PST Monday.  Use the code THANKS30 for your shopping.  I was going to behave this weekend but I just put in a pretty huge C4N order myself.  If you're maintaining will power, this is going to be your test...

Available at Color4Nails

'Til next time...

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