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Delush Polish The Winter Takes It All Collection

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Hey there!  Right in time for Black Friday, I have swatches of the upcoming Delush Polish collection, The Winter Takes It All Collection.  Delush Polish is having a whole bunch of Black Friday specials, including 20% off site wide from 7-10 am EST Friday then 15% off until Monday night, to go along with this new release.  The Winter Takes It All collection is mix of 4 holographic gemstone finishes and two glitter packed jellies.  If you're doing any indie polish shopping this weekend, I'd suggest swinging by Delush's website and checking these out.  Their formulas were great and the finishes are really pretty and/or fun!  

As I said, the formulas on these polishes were great.  Even the ones I was expecting to be quite sheer had good coverage.  Four of the six in this collection have Delush Polish's signature gemstone finish which has a slightly metallic quality with a scattered holographic finish.  The other two are jellies packed with fun glitter (I will always and forever love circle glitter).  And, as an added bonus, some of the names in this collection made me laugh out loud!

Berry Misbehaved

"A delicious plum berry linear holo, infused with color shifting blue red and holo flakies, that’s sure to beckon to your wild side."

Beautiful mid-toned purple - not too red or blue-leaning.  I noted that this is a perfect gemstone polish for those of who you like deep, rich colors.  I used 2 coats plus top coat but one thicker coat should be sufficient for most people

Double Glam-my

"A gilded gold linear holo, gleaming with a dusting of holo flakies and gold sparkle that ensures you’ll have the midas touch."

I wanted to call this one a green-toned gold though my photos are making it look pretty yellow-gold.  When I had it on, from a distance, I didn't know whether to call it a light green or a gold.  Either way, it was pretty.  Being a lighter color, I thought it was going to require three coats but it only required two, albeit the coats were thicker than I used for Berry Misbehaved.  

Fringe With Benefits

"An effortless, sophisticated rose gold linear holo, gleaming with a dusting of holo flakies and sparkle, that’s sure to satisfy your sassy side!"

This is the one I was definitely most drawn to when I opened the box.  And then I looked at the name and laughed.  I would say it's more copper than a traditional rose gold holo polish.  It also has a slightly more metallic finish than the other gemstone polishes.  I wore this one out to dinner on Saturday and my mom commented on it from down the table.  That's how pretty it is.  This is two cats plus top coat.  

Slayin' Alive

"A deceptively rich red with captivating linear holo accented with holo flakies, that is sure to be the must have shade of the season."

Another hilarious name to go with a beautiful color.  Slayin' Alive has a similar base color to my favourite Knight of Thrones polish, Poisoned Vine, but with the scattered holographic effect.  It is a rich metallic red that will bring elegance to your fingertips.  Two coats plus top coat.  

Trekkie With The Good Hair

"A deep navy plum jelly, accented with flashes of blue sparkles and a dazzling glitter mix featuring our signature circle glitters, that’s sure to beckon to your inner diva."

Again, hilarious name!  As pretty as Fringe With Benefits is, this one ended up being my surprise favourite.  It's a blurple jelly with tons of blue glitter.  There's also large glitter in the bottle but I wasn't able to get any out, which was a mild disappointment.  But trying it with a matte top coat made up for it.  As much as I love shiny, there's something gorgeous about rich colors like this mattified.  I ended up using three coats (standard for glitter/jelly polishes for me) but the base coat is dark enough that the third coat didn't seem to add much.  You will need a top coat to smooth out the glitters in this one.  

Fleece Navidad

The return of a Christmas favorite! The quintessential essence of Christmas in a bottle! Flashes of red, green and gold circle glitters adorn this lush forest green jelly, topped with holo stars for that finishing touch!

Lastly, an old friend.  Adrianna's description calls it Christmas in a bottle and that sums it up.  It's an emerald green jelly base with gold circles and stars, green glitter (including large circle glitter) and red small and medium circles.  I used three coats plus two coats of top coat to smooth out the larger glitter.  I did have to fish for some of the large glitters and some of the stars but leaving the bottle upside down for a little while before using it should help with that.  

That's all for today.  If you're interested in any or all of the Winter Takes It All collection, it will be available Friday morning at 7 am EST.  And don't forget that if you checkout before 10 am, everything is 20% off!  Gotta love Black Friday!

$9.75 each
$56/full collection
Available on Delush Polish starting November 25, 2016 at 7 am EST

'Til next time...

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