Friday, 4 November 2016

Nail Crazies Unite - Coffee

Hey there!  Since Crumpet's Nail Tarts weekly challenge has changed to a biweekly, I missed having a set Friday schedule.  So, even though I've been too tired to blog all week and I'm way behind in what I wanted to post, I joined a new group!  Cheyenne and Rose have revived the Nail Crazies Unite group with a nail art challenge that will alternate with the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge.  Today's challenge of "Coffee" marks the beginning.  I'm not a coffee drinker but who doesn't like a nice brown mani.  Seriously, I love brown polish and never wear it so it was nice to break out a couple of them for this design.

This started with a shockingly easy water marble, especially considering neither of the polishes are even sort of new.  The base is Essie Sand Tropez and then the water marble was Sand Tropez and Partner In Crime.  I wanted a fun swirly look, kind of like coffee drinks can look.

The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas Bones and UberChic Beauty Coffee Addict and 2-01.  The stamping is a bit spotty.  I love my Mundos but when they separate too much, they can be problematic.  I have an iZen Pro Shaker but it's broken.  I just heard my local small appliance repair shop can't get the parts so I contacted iZen myself and they're on the parts are ordered!  Cost twice as much to ship them than the actual parts cost but it's worth it is I can get my shaker shaking again!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Now let's see who else has taken up the new challenge in the links below!

'Til next time...

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