Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Negative Space: Day 4 - Negative Space Stamping

Hey there!  Today is totally my cheat day for this month's Digit-al Dozen theme.  We're doing negative space manis which should mean there's naked nail showing but, since I'm always going on about how much I like negative space stamping, particularly UberChic Beauty's negative space images, how could I NOT include one this week.  Plus, as a confession, I may have done this one back in February and just hadn't posted it yet.  Since I've been so busy lately, having to do one less mani this month definitely made my decision for me!

I did these so long ago that I even used an UberChic Beauty product that doesn't exist anymore - loose glitter.  I had mentioned to Brittany that I wanted to try one or two and she sent me about a billion and completely (accidentally) glitter bombed me in the process.  Luckily I was warned that it was a possibility so I was prepared.  But I still had A LOT of glitter everywhere.  

I started with a black base, added a clear polish to make it sticky and then loaded up a small flat brush with glitter and pressed it into the clear polish.  I used a whole bunch of colors and applied them randomly to create my base.

The glitter definitely had to be used with some negative space stamping.  This particular image is from UberChic Beauty 6-01, stamped with Mundo de Unas Silver and topped with HK Girl.  Doesn't it look cool close up?

That's all for the penultimate day of Digit-al Dozen.  I promise it's my only cheat day.  Just wait until tomorrow when I combine negative space with the most difficult 40 Great Nail Art Ideas theme.  The result is a hot'll probably wish I had cheated again.  

'Til next time...

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