Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Negative Space: Day 2 - Mosaic Nails

Hey there!  It's the second day of the Digit-al Dozen Negative Space theme.  Today's nail art was created while relaxing at the cabin during my vacation last month.  It was shortly after the amazing @ane_li passed away and I was devouring her instagram photos.  I was inspired by a mosaic look that she had done ages ago and decided to try my hand at a freehand mosaic myself.  Unfortunately I didn't have many tools at the cabin but I still think these turned out not so bad.

For three of my manis this week I started with a coat of Essie Au Natural, to give me a naked (but slightly better) look without having to show my actual naked nails.  For my @ane_li inspired mosaic, I used a couple of pipe dream polish shades, Prism Drops (a silver holo that apparently marbles, though I haven't tried that myself yet) and Peace Out.  

For the black I used acrylic paint.  Sadly I didn't have any at the cabin so I made sure to pick some up when I went to town (it's ~50 km away so it's not exactly convenient).  

To finish I used HK Girl top coat which, now that I'm seeing it in direct light instead of in the light box that I usually use, is very glossy so don't mind the glare!  

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have a minute, swing by the rest of the group's post by following the links below.

'Til next time...

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