Friday, 12 August 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Things In The Water

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Hey there!  Today I have the latest Nail Art Ideas post with the theme of "things in the water".  In reality, this is a continuation of Wednesday's Bundle Monster Hangloose Gift Set review.  I had said that this set also included 4 sheets of water decals.  The ones I chose to try out happened to be water-themed and I thought they'd go great for today's theme.  I used them over a gradient that I attempted to opal-ize (yes, I just made up a word) and I thought it turned out really pretty.

Below are the photos of the 4 sheets of water decals that came in the gift set.  Most of the sheets are fish/shell/beach-themed but there is a sheet dedicated only to tropical foliage is all patterns and colors.  When I used these water decals I had no issues.  They easily slid off their paper backing after being held in water for approximately half a minute.  And they show up over both light and dark colors which is always a plus.  As well as being part of the set, they are also available on their own for $4.50 for those of you who love water decals above all else.

For my Things in the Water nail art, I started with a white base of Pure Ice Superstar that I then gradiented with turquoise (Splash Me If You Can) and blue (Tide of Your Life) from Delush Polish (previously reviewed here).  I topped the gradient with Nfu Oh 40 to leave a heavy dusting of flakes.  Flakies save all things, don't they?

And lastly I added the shell/seahorse water decals and topped with HK Girl.   

I sure do hope that everything on my nails really does live underwater.  I'm a scienctist but certainly not a marine biologist, haha!  For more underwater looks, check out the designs below in the InkLInz.  

This set of 4 sheets of water decals are currently available at Bundle Monster for $4.50.  Follow Bundle Monster on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news.

'Til next time...

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