Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+: Water Marble over Gradient

Hey there!  Today's Digit-al Dozen gradient was inspired by a gradient picture my sister emailed me last month.  She's sweet in that she's frequently on nail inspiration lookout for me.  So when I had a photo emailed to me with no subject and no text, I knew it was for me and my nails.  Even though it's early in the year for beachy nails like this, I couldn't resist using that image as my gradient for Gradient+ week.  For the + factor, I added a coat of glitter (easy) and a water marble (less easy).  It's so summery!

Here's the photo of the image she sent me.  It's likely from Pinterest but I can't seem to find the original source of it.  Pretty, isn't it?  

I tried to match the colors as best I could for my gradient.  I used a white base of Pure Ice Superstar! and then added the gradient of China Glaze For Audrey, At Vase Value, What's She Dune? and a bit of Kalahari Kiss (though I'm not sure that really made it's way onto my nail since it was the bottom of the gradient).  Over it I added a coat of fine glitter (KBShimmer I Only Have Ice For You) and then the swirly water marble of Pure Ice Superstar! and pipe dream polish Clearwater.  

I always have a few bubbles in my water marbles (and I've almost learned to accept it) but I think some of the bubbles in this one are caused by the glitter underneath and I actually really like it.  It sort of adds to the beach-y look I was going for.  

Now let's see if the rest of the Digit-al Dozen crew has done something more seasonally-appropriate. Good thing I'm rarely concerned with being appropriate! 

'Til next time...

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