Monday, 18 April 2016

Picture Polish March 2016 Shades and Jelly Stamper for Color4Nails

Press  Sample

Hey there!  I'm so darn excited today to be able to show you Picture Polish's latest offerings.  These lovelies were released by Picture Polish last month and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to review them for Color4Nails.  While Picture Polish is an Australian brand, there are numerous international distributors, such as Color4Nails, that allows us international folks to be able to get our hands on them.  The five polishes I'm showing you today are all perfect for this time of year and have Picture Polish's perfect formula that makes it one of my favourite brands.  I was also sent a clear stamper that Picture Polish has released so I have three stamping manis to show you below...just follow the jump...

Bluebird is the only collaboration shade out of this release.  This cornflower blue was created with Kelli Marissa.  The description of "a cornflower blue prismatic holo with violet sparks and dries smooth on the nail (contains no glitter)" is very accurate.  It does have a subtle holo feel to it (though the flakes aren't as prominent as in the other shades) with a violet shimmer.  This polish applied great.  I could tell there was shimmer in it but it didn't make it draggy, as shimmer can sometimes do.  Two coats plus top coat.  

Gala is a "
dusky violet scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail".  I personally didn't find the color particularly dusty.  More like a great bright blurple (blue/purple) with Picture Polish's signature holo flakes.  This is my favourite of the bunch.  Two coats plus top coat.  

Merge is a "grey/brown scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail".  This is such a classy color.  Application wise I found the first coat was a bit patchy but second coat was totally opaque.  Two coats plus top coat.  

Posey is described as a "baby pink scatter holo with holo hex glitters".  The holo particles in this polish are a bit more sparse than in the other three non-collaboration shades from this release but it has the extra bonus of lots of holo glitter.  Some of the larger hex glitter look white or grey, possibly from the crelly formula coating some of the previous coats glitter.  3 coats plus top coat.  

Spring is a "
barbie pink scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail".  I absolutely love this bright pink. It really is the perfect color for its namesake.  The application was super creamy and smooth.  Two coats plus top coat.  

The Picture Polish Jelly Stamper Kit comes with one clear stamper (with lid), two clear stamping heads and one scraper.  As far as clear stampers go, the 2.7 cm stamping heads are quite squishy (though don't expect the same squish level that you can find in opaque heads - the technology just isn't there yet).  The clear stamping heads shouldn't be cleaned with acetone.  Instead use tape or a lint roller, as with most softer silicone stampers.  I know we love our acetone but our stampers don't so be careful!  The handle is clear all the way around, measures 5 cm and has a sealed end and a lid so your stamper can stay dust-free.  The scraper is also clear (other than the Picture Polish sticker).  It's a standard scraper size (5.5 x 8.5 cm) but thicker than any scraper I've tried before (~1.5-2 mm) so it's not particularly bendy.  Some of you will like that, some won't.  If you want something bendier, stick with old gift cards or something similar.  The second photo below shows how it picked up the image I used in the first stamping mani, down the barrel of the stamper.  I love clear stampers!

For the first stamping mani I did to test out the stamper, I used a UberChic Beauty UC 2-02 feather image over Bluebird (since I thought it went well with the polish name).  For a stamping polish I used Mundo de Unas White.  

My second mani uses UberChic Beauty UC 6-03 stamped with Mundo de Unas Black over Merge.  I then added dots of Gala with a dotting tool and finished with HK Girl.  

For my third and final stamping mani, I made decals with UberChic Beauty 3-01 filled with all five of today's polishes over 3 coats Picture Polish Lakodom.  I finished with HK Girl.  

All of the above materials are available at Color4Nails.  I really do recommend Color4Nails as a distributor.  While these polishes were provided for review, I purchase from them frequently.  As far as international distributors go, their shipping rates to Canada are very reasonable (something I personally look out for).  They also stock a ton of indie brands to I highly recommend checking them out.  

$12/stamping kit
Available at Color4Nails

'Til next time...