Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Digit-al Dozen does Gradient+: Vertical Gradient

Hey there!  Despite loving how today's Digit-al Dozen Gradient+ mani turned out, it's a sad one for me....because it created a big ugly stain on my mini Uber Mat.  But I'll try not to focus on that (even though it stares me in the face almost every day) and instead try to focus on my sparkly, rainbow gradient nails.  For today's gradient I decided to try a rainbow vertical gradient with fire nail vinyls for the "+" factor.  I loved them but they weren't worth the stain...that's what I get for not being careful with my polish choice!

So here is what my gradient looked like before the vinyls.  It's lovely isn't it.  I started with a gradient of KleanColor Metallics (Yellow, Mango, Orange, Red, Purple, Sapphire and Navy) - that was my mistake.  I know that some of these stain stampers so why didn't I think that they'd stain my mat?!  So anywhere where there's red or purple here resulted in a big ole' stain.  

Over the metallics I used sparkly polishes of approximately the same color.  The ones I used are:  Esmaltes da Kelly Loosho, Esmaltes da Kelly Orange Sunset, Pretty Serious Haddonfield, AR Ablaze, Esmaltes da kelly Slice of Life, Esmaltes da Kelly Salvatore, Cirque Queen Majesty, Milani Twinkle and Cirque Tibetan Nights.  That's a lot of glitter!  I then covered that with a coat of Wet n Wild Clear.   

The fire vinyls I used were from Snail Vinyls.  I have a few different fire stencils but I chose these ones because they're wider than the others I have so I could get more variation before repeating the pattern.  I didn't write down which black I used but I assume it was either Sally Hansen Black to Black or A England Camelot.  I then applied them like decals (very, very thick decals) and finished with HK Girl.  

I hope you like my rainbow fire nails for which a few spaces of my mini Uber Mat were sacrificed.  Good thing there's 20 templates on it so I can still use it!  Now take a gander at what our other DD friends have done for us today in the links below. 

'Til next time...