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UberChic Beauty Collection 5 Stamping Plate and Folder Review

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Hey there!  I'm finishing the work week with a review of the latest UberChic Beauty stamping plate collection.  Collection 5 was released two weeks ago.  Luckily it's still in stock so I thought I should get this post up as soon as I could.  Usually I do a separate post for each UberChic stamping plate but, since next week is a Digit-al Dozen week, I wouldn't have had time and, quite simply, didn't want to wait another week!  At the end of today's post I also have a quick review of their plate holder which is a dream for all of us who want to keep their UberChic plates in pristine condition.

Collection 5 is a set of 3 plates, each measuring 9.5 x 14 cm with the full nail images measuring 17 x 21 mm.  This size is big enough for most longer nails but she designs her images so they will work for those of us with smaller nails too (personally my nails measure 10 mm x 15 mm...yes, I've measure my finger nails).  As with all the UberChic Beauty plates, the quality of the etching on these plates is superb.  I didn't have any problems picking up any of the images I've tried.

Below are scans of the plates I received.  This collection has a really nice mix of designs (as I find all her collections to have).  The images range from cutesy (those bees!) to geometric to her famous florals.  Each plate has at least one larger image which are nice to use for a full mani when you don't want all your nails to match 100%.

To use UC 5-01, I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried a french tip look.  On the bottom row of 5-01 there's a full nail wavy image with a matching smaller design that I couldn't resist.  I used the full nail design as an accent over Cupcake Polish Water You Doing? that I stamped with Mundo de Unas Black.  On the french tip nails, I used 2 coats of Essie Mademoiselle (trust me, it looks better than my naked nails) and made decals with the smaller image on my Uber Mat.  I layed down a clear polish on the mat, stamped the image and then covered it with Water You Doing.  Once that was dry I removed the decal and cut them into straight lines and applied them.  I suppose I could've just done this with the full sized image too but didn't think of that!   

For UC 5-02 I, again, made a couple of decals.  I wanted to use the most recent Picture Polish colors I bought which included Allure, the collaboration with @nina_d83.  She always has the most amazing stamping decals so I couldn't resist doing one here.  In addition to Allure, I also used Bardot and Calm (Rafi Nails' collaboration shade) for both the gradient and the decals.  

Originally I was going to leave them as above but I love that UberChic included the negative image of the swirly image on this plate so I decided to use it too.  I liked it even more with all the nail stamped.  

For my last mani (and my favourite of the bunch), I did a rocky/marble look that I wore the entire past weekend.  @senteroftheuniverse_nails had posted this photo on Facebook and I loved the base so much that I tried a squished marble base myself that night with KBShimmer Eyes White Open, How You Dune?, My Life's Porpoise and Color Club Muse-ical that I then stamped with UC 5-03 and Mundo de Unas Black.  

I loved how the squished base looks close up so I took a photo.  It really looks like marble, don't you agree?  

Lastly, I wanted to also include a review of the Nail Stamp Plate Folder in my review today.  A question I see a lot in stamping groups is asking how people store their plates.  There's a few options available for the smaller circle plates that were common with the initial stamping brands but when it comes to odd-sized plates, there isn't much out there.  Well fear no more if you like to be hyper-organized like me AND keep your plates scratch-free, UberChic Beauty has a folder that fits their plates perfectly.  I was sent a pink one with my last order but it also comes in black.  

The folder has a faux leather look and closes with a metal snap.  There's 8 pages in the holder but each pages holds two plates so you can store 16 plates in one folder.  One thing I should note that I really like is each page actually has a pocket on each side with a divider in between so you don't just have to put two plates back to back in the same pocket.  I don't like having to flip back a page to get the back side plate out of the front side slot.  Maybe I'm just lazy but I love that each plate is accessible independently.  

I do love my UberChic plates so I filled mine up right away.  Here's how thick it is when it's full...still very manageable!  Now I can easily bring my UC plates with me to the cabin instead of being stranded with just plain polish. 

Follow the links below to see where to purchase this collection and to follow UberChic Beauty on her social media sites to get all the latest news.  

Price: $24.99/Collection 4 (set of 3 plates) and $7.99/Folder
Available on UberChic Beauty's website

'Til next time...

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