Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Taylor Swift VMA Outfit Inspired Nail Art

Hey there!  My sister was watching the MTV Video Music Award's on Sunday and I couldn't resist peeking at it every once in awhile myself.  The biggest thing I took away from it was Taylor Swift's soon as I saw it the first thing I thought was "that would make awesome nails".  So I gave it a try last night and have to say I love how they turned out!  

I went through a phase where I became full on obsessed with buying ever foil-type polish I could get my hands on so I knew I had colors that would be sparkly like Taylor's outfit.  Now that I've busted out the foil polishes I remember how much I love them.  I should really try to wear them more often.  

To do these I started with two coats of the silver polish, Zoya Trixie and then just painted on Zoya Ziv (gold) then OPI Sprung (bronze) and, lastly, Zoya India (red).  I knew I was going to be stamping on a pattern so I wasn't worried about making tidy lines or anything.  The only thing I really tried to do was make them approximately equal heights.    

For the stamping I used the houndstooth pattern from Lily Anna 11 and Mundo de Unas Black and finished with HK Girl top coat.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when the lines of the pattern (it was completely unintentional).  

I can't resist adding a macro of this mani just because these foil polishes are so darn cool!  And, for once, I don't have gaps in my stamping.  I tried using a round Fab Ur Nails stamper that I've never tried before (I must have bought it and forgotten about it or had it included in one of my orders from her) and wow, it worked great!  I think it's this one (which is sadly currently out of stock) in case you're in the market for a new stamper.  I usually have small gaps in my stamping that I'm not generally too concerned about but now that I don't need to live them those, I'm going to try to use this stamper more often.  

'Til next time...

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