Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Stamping - Lacy Lace

Hey there!  I know it's very late for a Sunday stamping post but it is still Sunday and I was busy babysitting today (and then gawking at the super moon eclipse) but I'm down on the couch now thinking about how much I miss you guys.

This week's Sunday Stamping theme was Lacy Lace.  Mine didn't stamp oh-so-great but the base polish almost makes up for it.  I used a new Girly Bits polish, Stardust, and double stamped some lacy patterns on to wear what you see here.

This is two coats of Stardust from Girly Bits, a silvery holo with itty bitty neon glitters in there.  I love all things star-related so I was happy to hear that Ehmkay Nails picked this as the name of her collaboration polish.  The holo isn't so over the top that you lose the micro glitter but it's strong enough to not be disappointed.  

Over stardust I stamped two images from Born Pretty's BP-L020 - a lace full nail image then a scalloped french tip (because there's stars in it and the polish is called Stardust...get it?).  My tip stamping could use work.  

That's all there is to say about the mani so how about I leave you with another star-related photo...a pic of the eclipse that happened tonight.  I learned I need to get a better zoom lens but I still like this photo :-)  Man I love the sky!

'Til next time...

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