Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indigo Bananas Spark of Life

Hey there!  It's not very often that I blog about a single polish.  It's not that I don't love polishes on their own but, when I have time, I like doing nail art.  And I change my nails more often than I blog so I end up playing favourites and sharing my nail art instead of swatches of the polishes I buy.  But I couldn't resist sharing this one, Indigo Bananas Spark of Life, because it's just so darn beautiful and unique.

This is two coats of Spark of Life plus HK Girl top coat.  It applied so effortlessly that I didn't need any clean up at all...bonus points!  

Spark of Life is described on the Indigo Bananas website as a bright copper with copper holo, pink to gold glass flecks and multiple sizes of silver flakes.  On me it's wearing as somewhere between copper and rose gold.  Not quite dark enough for me to call it copper but too copper to be rose gold.  You can really see the holo effect on my index and middle nails in the picture above.  And check out the macro below.  You can really see the pink flecks and the silver bits.  Up close, this is a super complicated polish. 

This polish is part of Indigo Banana's recent Halloween collection.  It doesn't scream Halloween to me so you could easily wear this year round.  I actually put it on on Monday exactly because I didn't want to do any Halloween-like.  But I have already worn some Halloween nail art using one of the other polishes in this collection.  I'm planning on posting those on Sunday so stay tuned...

Geez, with the amount I've gushed over this you would think I was being paid to say nice things but I promise I bought this with my own money.  It is just that perfect.  Well that's enough gushing for one day.

'Til next time...

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