Monday, September 22, 2014

31DC2014 Day 22 - Inspired By A Song

Hey there!  Today's prompt of Inspired by a song for the 31 Day Challenge was a killer to me!  I love music almost obsessively and since this is my first time doing the challenge I wanted to pick some cool new song that I love to make me look all up to date with music.  But I couldn't pick a song that I could make into nail art so I ended up going in the completely opposite direction and picking an old country song, On The Road Again by Willie Nelson.

The reason I picked On The Road Again is because it seems to be an earworm that always gets stuck in my head when my family takes the 3 hour drive to the cabin together.  I don't think any of us particularly love the song but inevitably somebody will say something about us being on the road and then the song magically appears in my brain.  So I tried to paint what the drive to the cabin looks like with a random assortment of nail polishes and acrylic paints.

When I showed my sister and texted a picture to my mom and other sister asking if they could tell what it was (I was worried it didn't even look like a tree-lined highway) they all replied with something like "that's the road through Swan Hills" (one of the towns we pass through on the way to the cabin) so I will call this road trip nail art a success!  

'Til next time...

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