Friday, September 5, 2014

31DC2014 Day 5 - Blue Stamping over Foils

Hey there!  I said yesterday that I'm really enjoying this 31 day nail art challenge.  The reason I'm enjoying it is because I'm really trying out nail art techniques that I haven't tried before or that I haven't tried in a long time.  Today's post is not different.  For today's "Blue Nails" prompt, I decided to do some stamping over nail foils.  I love foils but they have such garbage wear time that I rarely use them.

When I use foils, I find that it's best to start with a base of a similar colour to the foil.  This is especially true when you're going to try a full nail foil since foils tend to leave some bald patches when transferring them.  For these I used Sally Hansen Color Foil in Cobalt Chrome.  This polish comes with a story for me.  Canada tends to get polishes later than the US so when I started seeing swatches of these polishes earlier this summer I scoured my city looking for them to no avail.  So when I was on Instagram and saw the amazing Kim (also known as kimiko7878) post using them, knowing we live in the same city, I immediately asked where she got them and, the sweet gal that she is, offered to pick them up for me!  So I got to meet a nail artist I really look up to in real life and she is as nice as she is talented.

On top of Cobalt Chrome I added  "Aqua AB" nail foils from Dollar Nail Art.  These aqua foils are holographic but strangely photograph as though the holo effect is only in stripes down my nail.  Neat!

On top of the foils I stamped a wavy image from MoYou London Sailor-03 using Mundo de Unas Neon Blue (#30).  I skipped the top coat since top coats tend to destroy foils.

These didn't last very long but I'm glad I got to use at least one of the bazillion rolls of foil that I own.

'Til next time...

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