Friday, 29 August 2014

Rainforest Animal Nail Stamping & ILNP Reminisce

Hey there!  Today I have some cute animal nails to share with you.  This mani has all kinds of stamping: layered stamping, stamping decals, gradient stamping...woohoo!  And all the images are from Winstonia W-03 (the rainforest plate) and all the stamping polishes used are Mundo de Unas polishes.  

This all started with 3 coats of ILNP Reminisce, a metallic green that shifts to a lighter green and even blue at steep angles (like on my index finger).  I adore all of ILNP Ultra Chromes.  I'm itching to get my hands on Abundance for fall.  I see many leafy manicures in my future.

Speaking of leaves, this one started with a layer of leaf stamping.  I then made stamping decals for the butterfly, parrot and toucan.  For the chameleon and the snake, no decals were necessary but I did stamp with a few colours so these little guys wouldn't feel all plain jane beside their colourful neighbours!  

So the snake on my thumb doesn't feel neglected, here's his/her time in the spotlight.  Sorry that the skin around my thumb is a mess.  It like it's made of leather.  Gross.

I didn't make exact notes on what stamping polishes I used but I can tell you I used #1 (white), 2 (black), 4 (blue) ,5 (turquoise), 6 (pastel  blue), 11 (yellow), 13 (orange), 15 (mexican pink), 16 (lilac), 32 (reddish), 39 (avocado) and 53 (geranium).  I hope that helps!

Have a great weekend!  It's a long weekend here so I'm off for one of my final lake weekends.  I've already worn my Sunday Stamping mani so hopefully I can get that scheduled to post before I leave.  

'Til next time...

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