Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Formula X Prophecy Swatch

Hey there!  The other day I saw a picture of Prophecy from Formula X's Brushed Metallics collection on Facebook and ran out to Sephora the next day to buy it.  I honestly haven't purchased too many Formula X polishes because the price can be a bit high ($16 CAD) and I'd rather give my money to a good indie for that amount but I'm happy I bought this one.  The following photo is without and with top coat with more swatches after the jump.

Prophecy is a matte dark cobalt blue and I do have a weakness for blue polishes.  The formula is okay but not perfect.  It dries quite quickly so I found that if I was too slow with my application or went over the place place twice that it got streaky and difficult to work with.  But it dries to this beautiful matte shimmer which makes up for it.  This is two coats without top coat. 

I also wanted to see what it looks like glossy so I added a coat of HK Girl top coat for the photo below.

Someone had commented that Mentality Brute might be a dupe for Prophecy and, since I've been working on making swatch sticks for all my polishes and I happened to be doing blues this week, I thought I'd take a quick comparison photo.  Brute is also a blue matte shimmer but its quite a bit lighter than Prophecy and, when side by side, Prophecy appears to lean more purple.  I have an older post with a full swatch of Mentality Brute here if you're curious.  

'Til next time...

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