Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Glam Polish I Found A Dream & Incurably Romantic Swatches

Hey there!  Long time, no see!  I apologize for my absence while I was on vacation.  I had a mobile router but it just wasn't up to snuff for uploading photos.  I can truly say I missed you guys.  The entire time I was away I was thinking about all the blog posts I would write up when I got back so prepare to become sick of my nails, haha!

For my first post back, I want to show you a couple of polishes that I was sent for review when the good folks at Glam Polish visited the USA.  Luckily I received them right before I left for the lake so I had the opportunity to swatch them at the cabin.  These are Glam Polish's I Found A Dream and Incurably Romantic, two polishes from their Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Collection.

I Found A Dream is a kelly green jelly jam-packed with large holographic mica particles.  The particles do create a bit of texture in the polish but it's negligible.  And look how much sparkle they create in the sun!  

I also have a macro shot to show just how complicated this green truly is.  

Incurably Romantic is a deep, dark pink shade, almost a burgundy.  It too is packed with holographic mica goodness.  Here are it's beauty shots in the sun.

Incurably Romantic also gets it's very own macro shot.  I can't resist looking right up close at polishes like these are with all their different facets of colour.  Lovely!

These polishes are a perfect scattered holo effect with great application.  Both of these only took two coats to be completely opaque.  I'm showing them without top coat but, if the slightly textured feeling of them au naturel, you could use top coat to easily smooth that out.  

If all goes as planned, tomorrow I'll be able to share even more Glam Polish swatches with you, of the You're Never Too Young To Be Old collection.  I love the names and inspiration for these polishes so consider your wallet warned, haha!

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Finally, before I go, I thought I'd show you that I didn't completely waste my week off.  My family got a new water toy called a Zup Board that we had a blast with.  It's a combo boogie board, knee board, wakeboard and, in my case, napping board.  So easy peasy to use.  And if you follow me on Instagram you already saw how much my (almost) 4 year old niece loved it.  So I'll show my face now instead of just my nails.  Be kind...

'Til next time...

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