Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Stamping & Picture Polish Badass

Hey there!  How's everyone's weekend going?  It's Sunday Stamping Day, this time with the theme of "Bad A$$ Mani", as in sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.  Personally I think all mani's are pretty badass but here are my take on the theme, both using Picture Polish Badass as the base (no brainer).  Once again I couldn't decide what to do and did a couple.  I have too much time on my hands...*sigh*

I have to show Picture Polish Badass on it's own.  To me, Picture Polish can do no wrong and this polish is no exception.  This one is the collaboration with Sassy Shelly.  It's a nice dark slate grey with their bijou holo finish.  This is two coats.

And check out the macro.  It's not just a plain grey at all.

Here's the stamping look that I think I prefer but that was near impossible to photograph.  Fire is badass, right?  And motorcycles are badass, right?  Why not combine them?  That was about all the logic that went into this.  The fire is an image from Mash-48, gradiented with Mundo de Unas yellow (#11), orange (#13) and reddish (#32, a red that stamps over black).  I made the motorcycle from MoYou Biker -06 into a decal that I cut in half before placing it on the nails.  

The second mani I did was more along the sex route of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll...the S & M sex route *blush*.  When I first started becoming interested in nail art and nail stamping I remember seeing this mani on Pinterest and it has stuck in my mind ever since.  Mine doesn't look quite as cool since it's not on a matte black.  The chain image is from Bundle Monster BM-012 and the handcuffs are from BM-416, all stamped with Essie No Place Like Chrome.  I was too scared to wear these to work like this though so I changed the handcuff nail to more chains.

There you have it, two manis for the price of one.

'Til next time...

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