Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Picture Polish Festival with EDM Stamping

Hey there!  Today I have a complete copycat mani.  After I saw this photo on Emily de Molly's Instagram I just had to try it.  This is Picture Polish Festival over black with a stamping image from EDM05.

Check out Picture Polish Festival!  It's like a sparkly rainbow of flakies.  I have quite a few flakies but not any with this many colours.  This is 2 coats over my go-to black, A England Camelot.

Like I mentioned, I copied the image that Emily de Molly used.  But when I read her caption she was inspired by katersnails who was inspired by Nail Lacquer UK.  So the timeline of this look kind of makes me laugh.  

I purchased a couple of plates that Emily de Molly came out with.  This image is from EDM5.  I love that it shows so much of the base colour.  My centring of the image isn't great.  I always have problems trying to get stamps perfectly centred.  

Here's a close up to show you just how flakie Festival is:

On a side note, I'm completely lacking ideas for my nails again.  Lately I've just been wearing straight (albeit, beautiful) colours so I think there'll be some swatch posts coming up soon.  But if there's any nail art ideas you'd like to see me try, feel free to comment and I'll give them a go!

'Til next time...

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