Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Negative Space Nail Art with A England Avalon

Hey there!  I've been wanting to try negative space nails for the longest time but I've always been too intimidated for some reason.  Negative space nails involve tape and tape intimidates me.  But I sucked it up last weekend and gave it a shot so here's my first negative space nail art featuring A England Avalon.

Avalon is a rich purple shade that has hints of both pink and blue.  It's super pigmented which is a necessity for doing a negative space mani since you want a one-coater so the edges end up clean when you pull off the tape.  Even though the edges were pretty clean, I was insecure so I added some holo gold striping tape to cover them up and added a coat of top coat.   

I was going to leave them at that but I had some gold star glitter that I decided to add - followed up by more top coat.

I feel like these ended up looking like some sort of dictator's garb.  If it really does, please know that it was entirely accidental!  Dictator or not, this gold-purple combo does look royal, doesn't it?

'Til next time...


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