Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter Eggs with Born Pretty Pastel Studs

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Hey there!  Today I have another Born Pretty Store review to bring you.  This one is for the lighter colour 2 mm studs (item ID #7218).  I decided to try an early easter egg look with the round studs using some Picture Polish pastel shades underneath.  Perfect of the spring that I have yet to see this year...

These studs have a pastel neon colour (it's possible, trust me!) and come in yellow, peach, purple, pink, green and blue.  They come with both round and square studs but I only used the round ones for this look and sadly pink got left out of the final product.  

For the polishes I used three coats each of Picture Polish Wisteria (purple with yellow studs), Fairy Floss (pink with green studs), Mellow Yellow (yellow with purple studs), Sky (blue with peach studs) and Peaches n' Cream (Peach with blue studs).  To stick the studs on I applied a coat of non-quick dry top coat and placed them on with a wet toothpick.  Then I added a good layer of top coat which, unfortunately, resulted in the bubbles you see around the studs.

Overall I think these studs are all lovely shades for spring.  The only fault I came across was that a few of them were stuck together and I didn't have the patience to try to pry them apart with wet nails.  

If you're looking to purchase this item, here is the item link.  They're currently on sale for $5.99 US. And don't forget to test out my coupon code :-)

As an aside, I apologize for my different skin tones in my photos.  I've been playing with the macro mode on my camera and there's no way to change the white balance in it so I have to try to take away the super tan it gives me after the fact...

'Til next time...

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