Monday, 28 July 2014

Pueen Encore Stamping with Mundo de Unas

Hey there!  Have you ever found a nail art product that you can't live without?  For me, it's Mundo de Unas stamping polishes.  I love stamping and no other stamping polish can compare to hers.  They're bright, opaque, thick and dry slowly enough that you don't need to rush like a madman to try to get your image on your nail.  Unfortunately, it's looking like she might not be able to ship internationally anymore so someone in the stamping community came up with the idea to wear pink mani's today to show our support for her.  I based mine on her logo and it gave me a good reason to try out my new Pueen Encore plates.  Win win!

The base for these is 2 coat of Picture Polish Dream.  In real life, it's a bit darker and less bubble gum pink than my camera decided it was last night.  The stamping is from the Pueen Encore plate SE04A using Mundo de Unas Purple (#21) which is more purple, in real life.  I was kind of cursing my camera last night.  Shouldn't we have the technology by now to take a colour accurate photo without fiddling with Photoshop?!  

I'm sure Sylvia won't see this blog post but, if she does, I hope she knows that she has the full support of the nail stamping community.  We hope to see you back soon!

'Til next time...

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