Friday, 9 May 2014

Picture Polish Sunset

Hey there!  Happy Friday!  Today's manicure is honestly one of my all-time favourites.  I know I just said that with my Spider-Man nails I posted last week but I think I liked these ones even more.  I wore these for an entire weekend even though I usually do my nails a ton on the weekend because it's when I have free time to play.

This look features the first neon polish I ever bought, Picture Polish Sunset.  There's probably way too many photos here but, look, they almost look neon!  Turns out taking photos outside, in the shade helps pick up the brightness of neons.

Like I said, Sunset was the first neon polish I owned.  I remember walking around with it on my toenails and actually getting distracted by my feet as I walked because it was so bright.  It's a neon orange-red.  I love it to this day but, be warned, it is pretty sheer, as neons can be.  To fully pull the boldness of this polish, this is three coats over white.  You can see the white peeking through at the edges.

On the accent nail I did a gradient of Totes, Sunset and Flirt that I then stamped with the palm trees from Vivid Lacquer VL021.  

The night I was doing these I was having a super clumsy evening and I honestly spilt more than half of my sister's new bottle of Totes all over the carpet.  Could have been worse - it could have been Flirt!  And then I spilt half a bottle pure acetone.  It was a disaster but we got it cleaned up (luckily we don't care much about my cheap-o Ikea coffee table) and I have since re-purchased Totes for my darling sis. 

Now that the snow is gone I feeling 100% justified in wearing neons already.  It's not too soon, right??

Have a great weekend!

'Til next time...