Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blingy Textured Beach Nails

Press  Sample

Hey there!  Today I have what is probably going to turn into a photo heavy post to show you some nail art I did using a few items I was sent for review from Born Pretty Store that I will link at the end. I saw this awesome tutorial for beach nails from Elleandish on youtube and wanted to try something similar with textured polishes and here's what I came up with.

I started by painting a white base on all my nails.  On my accent nail I went with a solid colour of Zoya Liberty and added the rhinestoned fish stud (glued on with a bit of top coat).

On my other nails I did a gradient with Zoya Godiva (beige - looks just like beautiful sand), OPI What's A Little Rain Forest? (lighter blue) and Zoya Liberty (darker blue).  On those I then added a few coloured half pearls and 3 mm seashell studs, also using a bit of top coat to get them to stick.

I was also sent a abstract starfish ring to review that I felt went perfect with this beachy nail art.  

Now to discuss these items more specifically and link to where you can get them: 

1.  Starfish ring (item 12320) - this ring comes in both silver and golden, of which I chose silver.  I really like this ring, especially since it's adjustable.  I took a photo of the ring alone so you can see the entire product.  

2.  Rhinestone fish charm (item 11971) - For this I chose pattern #130 but it also comes with three other colours of rhinestones.  While this is pretty and shiny, it's a bit too thick for me to personally wear on my nails for any extended amount of time.  But you get two in a package so I might make these into earrings :-)

3.  Metal Shell Studs (item 10181) - These are available in both 3 mm and 5 mm, in both silver and gold.  I picked 3 mm silver.  These studs are great.  They're easy to pick up and the back is flat enough that it's easy to get them to stick to the nail.  I've also purchased these myself in gold and in the 5 mm size so I'm sure this isn't that last seashells you're going to see on me.

4.  1.5 mm half pearls (item 448) and 2 mm half pearls (item 6225) - I expected these to have a more noticeable size different but, honestly, I think they are the same size so you definitely don't need both.  If I were to order these, I'd go with the second one (listed as 2 mm).  It seems like you get fewer pearls but more colours to pick from.  Size aside, these also have a nice, flat back so it's also easy to get them to sit flat.     

In all honesty, I think I had a little too much going on here but I know that these will not be the last beach nails you see from me.  I love summer and the water way too much to have this be my only go at them!

And if you're placing an order with Born Pretty Store, don't forget the 10% off coupon code!

'Til next time...

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